Okay, so lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a timeline of my work. Below is a list of my books coupled with dates. These correlate to when each individual book *starts*. I’ve also included several books that I haven’t even begun yet, such as the new Half-Orc books or the last two of the Watcher’s Blade Trilogy.

IA stands for Idhrin en Adan, which is elvish for Year of Man.


Arrival of Man: 1 IA

(Breaking World) – Dawn of Swords: 93 IA

(Breaking World) – Wrath of Lions 94 IA

(Breaking World) – Blood of Gods 95 IA

(Shadowdance) – Cloak and Spider: 554-579 IA

(Shadowdance) – Dance of Cloaks: 579 IA

(Shadowdance) – Dance of Blades: 584 IA

(Shadowdance) – Dance of Mirrors: 586 IA

(The Paladins) – Night of Wolves: 587 IA

(The Paladins) – Clash of Faiths: 587 IA

(Shadowdance) – A Dance of Shadows: 588 IA

(The Paladins) – The Old Ways: 588 IA

(The Paladins) – The Broken Pieces: 589 IA

(Shadowdance) – A Dance of Ghosts: 589 IA

(Shadowdance) – A Dance of Chaos: 589 IA

(The Half-Orcs) – Weight of Blood: 589 IA

(The Half-Orcs) – Cost of Betrayal: 590 IA

(The Half-Orcs) – Death of Promises: 593 IA

(The Half-Orcs) – Shadows of Grace: 594 IA

(The Half-Orcs) – Sliver of Redemption: 595 IA

(The Half-Orcs) – The Prison of Angels: 600 IA

(The Half-Orcs) – The King of the Vile: 600 IA

Something I want to emphasize is that the books were not written to be read chronologically. I’ve always tried to have them stand on their own. But for those who want to, then as a series it goes Breaking World, Shadowdance, Paladins, and finally Half-Orcs.