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  1. Jerry says:

    When is book two of the watchers blade due to be relased

    • David Dalglish says:

      Jerry, I’ll be starting on it in about a month, so from there, probably four…so November/December?

      • Michael says:

        Yes, I’m in desperate need of a new book

        • John says:

          I’ve just finished Book 1 of the Watcher’s blade (excellent by the way). I did not realise that the Shadowdance Series was prior to it. So by the time I finish them, you might have book 2 of the watcher’s Blade ready please! I know i don’t want much but could you please publish to Kindle straight away? 🙂

          • David Dalglish says:

            John, The Half-Orc series actually features a lot of those characters and takes place *after* it as well. I’ll be finishing up books 6 and 7 before getting back to the Watcher’s Blade, so depending on your reading speed, I probably won’t have WB2 done quite in time for ya.

  2. Connie Fogg-Bouchard says:

    David, i am thorughly hooked! not only have you created an epic world where magic is reality and the norm but you have seamlessly integrated all of the fantasy lifeforms onto this world and they simply came to life. i started rather backwards, first following Hearn and then the half-orcs and now i’m finally getting back to the paladins. these are just fantastic. i have read them back to back in several days.

    and to think i was just looking for a short series for my Kindle for a light read. “hahaha ha ha” fooled me- and am i ever glad! thank you and i look forward to more!


    • David Dalglish says:

      That’s great Connie, I’m glad you enjoyed! And I wouldn’t call that backwards, really. That’s pretty much how about 75% of my fans lately go through my work. 🙂

  3. ashley strutt says:

    Hi David,

    I signed up to the newsletter several months ago and was wondering if you were sending them out and need to resign up.

    • David Dalglish says:

      Ashley, I try not to send them out unless it’s with a new book release (to keep to my no spam promise). The last one I sent was for Blood of the Underworld’s release on 5/13. If you signed up before then and didn’t get it, it’s possible it got sucked into your spam folder. Hopefully that’s not the case 🙁

  4. Milena Koller says:

    Dear David Dalglish
    Thanks for writing so many books that fantasy fans like me trememdously enjoy reading. One of my favourite caracters of yours is Haern so I am really looking forward to your new Watcher’s Blade series. It’s just a pity that you *hidden for spoiler reasons*.

    • David Dalglish says:

      You’re welcome, Milena! And I made a quick change to your post. I hope you’ll understand. And should get back to Haern somewhat soon, fingers crossed in time for Christmas!

  5. Steve Jones says:

    I started with The Half-Orcs and thoroughly loved them. I just finished book 2 of Paladin Series. Again I am hooked. I have been recommending your books to my friends. My son has also been reading them and is on book 5 of Half-Orcs. It is nice to be able to talk about the characters, story, twists, and turns, and redemption with him. Thanks for the good reads.

    Steve Jones
    Sgt. USMC

  6. Graham says:

    I ran across your books looking for something new to read, I am so pleased I found this world you have created. Your stories have brought me hours of pleasure both for the narrative and the images you create. So often I have run into authors who cannot create a credable fantasy tale or lack the resolve to let the story go into the darker parts of humanity. The growth of the Tun brothers and most of the others has made this a reading pleasure.
    Keep up the good work.
    I look forward eagerly to the next instalment.

    • David Dalglish says:

      Most welcome, Graham. I’ll keep cranking these out so long as I’ve got an audience. Hopefully I can get back to the Half-Orcs sometime before the year’s over!

  7. Markus L P says:

    I just stumbled upon you 2-3 weeks ago while browsing the kindle shop and by now I’ve read the Paladins, Shadowdance and the Blood of the Underworld and they were all GREAT! As soon as I can get my hands on a little money (economy is tight when you’re a student 😉 ) I’ll start on the Half-orcs. Can’t wait for more from Haern and the paladins! Keep it up man, you’re awesome!

  8. Laure Olson says:

    Love your work. Haern, beautiful Haern. Please, more pre-quels. Just finished Blood of the Underworld and anxiously awaiting for the next. Keep them coming.

  9. JD says:

    Hey david love the reading. I have read and bought every single one of them. Can’t wait for some more action from your favorite paladin punching bag. Thanks a lot for the good work.

  10. Ryland says:

    Already in contact via email but just cool to say hi an your website wich is pretty I’m gonna leave the comment of love your books keep’em coming which also seems is what every one elce is sayin’. Oh and P.S. how do you speed write you churn out books pretty fast and it seems other athors take for ever allmost years to write there books…

    • David Dalglish says:

      Glad you’re enjoying! And there’s a multitude of reasons, but speed-writing really isn’t one of them. Since it is just me, I can contract out editing and covers and get everything done much quicker than other companies. I also don’t have to bounce around release schedules or worry about, say, pulling sales away from another author. And my books tend to be shorter than some of the giant tomes that come out in the fantasy genre. That kinda helps too 🙂

      • Ryland says:

        …ok makes since. I didn’t know that but i think thats cool that you basically do it all your self. I think if i was going to publish a book i think i’d do it like you.

  11. Lee says:

    I absolutely Love these characters. I went from reading ‘A game of thrones’ series, thinking i wong find anything to suck me in as much. My dad reccomended the shadowdance trilogy and i was hooked after the first few pages, ive since read the lot and am eagerly waiting for the wathchers blade book 2. Keep up the good work, these books are all fantastic and the added fact i dont have to wait over a year (game of thrones) for the next installment of Awesomeness is brilliant.

    Out of curiosity, are you going to do more books set After ‘a slither of redemption’ once all the watchers blade books are out? Im lovin seeing how things started even when knowing what happens but its also great to see their future challenges. Gonna be hard to top the big finale at the end of Redemption!

    Thanks again for the great times 🙂

    • David Dalglish says:

      First off, glad you enjoyed, Lee! And yes, I do plan on continuing the Half-Orcs. I’ve got at least two more books in mind, set about five years after Sliver of Redemption ended.

  12. Scott Archer says:

    During the Half Orcs series a lot of back story was mentioned with Lathaar and Mira, involving the demon in the mountain.
    I’ve read all of your books released for the kindle now but I haven’t come across one involving them?
    Have I missed a book somewhere?
    I ask because I am in the mindset of not wanting to have to wait for the next installment of The Watchers Blade !
    Keep up all the amazing work.


  13. Earl says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for putting out a great series of books. I was on Kindle and seen Night Of Wolves for free downloaded it and I am thoroughly hooked. I have finished the Paladins and Shadow Dance and I am starting on the Half Orcs series now. Cant wait for the next Paladins book and Watcher’s Blade series.

  14. Richard says:

    I’ve become a huge fan of your work in the recent months when I discovered the Shadowdance Trilogy. The Watcher has quickly become a favorite character of mine. Doesn’t hurt you are a Missouri guy as well! I really admire how you’ve kinda done your own thing and are finding success. Keep up the great work!

  15. Richard says:

    Congrats on the baby. We just found out my wife is pregnant with our 2nd child.

  16. Erin says:

    Dear David,

    Firstly congratulations on the recent addition to your family! Best wishes to all of you!

    I just wanted to thank you for being so accessible and open to your fans comments. Its really nice, as a fan, to have this communication with you 🙂

    I also wanted to say just how much I enjoy your work. Having just finished the Half-Orc books, I feel like I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster. Its been a long time since I’ve read books that really got to me, and leave me not wanting to put them down (kindle batteries aside :)). The characters are so well written and so human (give or take the odd set of wings and pointy ears) that I felt like I knew them, and cared how it all turned out for them all.

    Please keep up the good work, and thanks again 🙂

    Take care,


    • David Dalglish says:

      Thanks Erin, I’m glad you enjoyed. And yeah, so far the new addition to the family has been fantastic, and because my wife is so much better than I deserve, I’ve even managed to preserve my writing schedule 🙂

  17. Erik says:

    Loved the books, Half-orcs is by far my favorite series of all time. Fortsæt det gode arbejde!

  18. Aaron says:

    You are close, if not right up there with Salvatore and Terry Brooks in my mind. I always enjoy reading one of your stories like I do with those two. I also like that we don’t need to wait a year or more to get a new one 🙂

    I can only think of 2 issues, one is sometimes there’s some editing mistakes, but they can be read around, such as a characters name in place of the one it’s supposed to be. The other is opinion, I would like to see more of the wizardry side focused on.

    • David Dalglish says:

      Always working harder and harder to get the editing stuff down. Hopefully one magical day I’ll release a perfectly edited book. Probably sometime in 2027.

  19. Steve says:

    Just wanted to say outstanding books. My fav author has always been R.A. Salvator, and for a very long time i never thought i would find any one to match his books at least until now, and, Well I believe I have found me a new fav. I just got A dance of Death, and then it’s broken pieces and then I guess I’ll have to wait till you come out with a new one. As long as you write will be not far behind reading along.

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  21. Paul says:

    Just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your books and always look forward to the next one!

  22. Declan says:

    Your books have got me hooked. Looks like I wont be doing any University work any time soon. Awesome!!

  23. Goran says:

    To read a book in English (as my second language), it’s like going into PvP without repaired armour. However, I’ve read the whole Half-Orcs-why-did-you-kill- omnibus.
    You know I had to start a rogue in WoW named Haern. There is also Qurrah (shadow priest), etc.
    All that shows how strong impact these books had (and still have) on me. Easy writing, well developed story and here I am, waiting for the book #6.
    Hurry up or I’m sending Haern and Qurrah to you! 🙂

    Thank you for wonderful books.

  24. asia says:

    I’m miss haern and Zusa…

  25. John says:

    Mr. Dalglish,
    Am looking forward for the ePub for The Watcher’s Blade #2. Due to an IED strike on my vehicle in Iraq in 2005 I have suffered nerve damage to my lower spine. Due to a constantly increasing chance that this would cause paralysis I was forcibly retired in 2010. After 16 years as an Infantryman I was cut loose only to realize that while I have many talents and can do a great many jobs, the only one I loved and could do best was to be an Infantry Squad Leader. Coupled with a constant pain (and by far a lesser wound than better men have suffered) and depression at getting fat and slow, I needed something to look forward to. I found salvation in reading. I read fast; devouring a 300 page book in a matter of 5-7 hours depending. I know a long message, but here’s the point. Thank you! For not only giving me a respite but also giving me something to look forward to. So I salute you and all authors. Your work is far more important than you realize. I have reached out to many of them telling thanks. Hopefully standing next to authors Jim Butcher, James Rollins, Marcus Pelegrimas, R. A. Salvatore, Dan Abnett, Peter Brett, and too many others to count is not considered a bad thing to you. Thanks again

    • David Dalglish says:


      Thanks so much for sharing. Consider me proud to give you any sort of entertainment, especially for all you’ve done and gone through for your country. And to have my name anywhere in such a list is beyond flattering 🙂

  26. John says:

    Oh and I have to add Greig Beck. He is an amazing writer and a person.

  27. Stu says:

    I must agree with the other readers, I would put your storytelling and character building right up there with R.A. Salvator. I discovered your books about a month and a half ago and all I have left to read is the Shadowdance Trilogy. I get hooked on the characters that I get a huge smile on my face when they popup in different books (loved book one of the Watcher series for that reason) Keep up the great work and congrats on the birth of your child.

  28. Daryl says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with the previous posters! You’re writing is amazing, and each book keeps getting better! I can’t wait for the next Half-Orcs book!!!!

  29. Paul Papariella says:

    I love all of your books. I’ve never been much of a reader, but once I started reading book 1 of the half orc series I haven’t been able to stop reading any of your books. Thank you for making books that have tons of action from start to finish. Also, thank you for making it fun to read a book again.

  30. Jo Mallon says:

    Well you certainly surpassed the ending, in A Sliver of Redemption, only problem is I got to wait for book 7 come out. Prison of Angels, was fantastic, as usual, i couldnt put it down and the ending, has certainly left the reading wanting more. keep up the good work x

  31. Thad says:


    First, thank you for writing incredible books, I’ve read them all. I even got my golf pro hooked. I never thought I’d find an author to best Salvatore, but you’re at the top of my list!

    Second, I’m always looking for new authors to read and it’s tough to find the diamonds in the rough on Amazon. Do you have any recommendations? I have managed to find a few worthy authors I’ll spend money on, Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid series for example, but am always looking for more.

    Thanks again for providing an excellent escape.

  32. Mike D. says:

    ZOMG! when is book 7 due? lol finished Prison of Angels in less than 24 hours and im hungry for more Jessielynn!! The only thing that could have made that book better was more sorcery, but i have to say, a Paladin Archer was a fantastic idea!! Other than being able to finish your books too fast, i have not a single gripe, and absolutely love every single one of your stories. Thank you so so much for all the hard work, keep them flowing and ill keep reading 😀

    • David Dalglish says:

      Most welcome Mike. And yeah, a paladin archer I thought was a neat idea, and can’t wait to do more with it. As for more magic, well…*spoiler* Tarlak did kinda get dragged into the Apprentices’ Tower. There’ll be a bit more magic in the next one, I promise 😉

  33. Chuck Derby says:

    Just bought books 5 and 6 of the Half-Orcs .. I am about 100 pages from the end shadows of grace. This is absolutely one of the very best stories I have read. Thank you for an amazing adventure David. I will be getting all of your other books as well.

  34. Elias says:

    I discovered the Half-Orc series by chance and I thank God for the discovery and I thank you for creating this addicting series. Your books by far are the best I’ve ever read and I’m baffled as to why they haven’t recieved the same spotlight as series like the Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, or the Twilight Saga. However they don’t need it. Please continue to write these stories so that the world of literature can continue to be exciting.

    • David Dalglish says:

      Hah, I doubt I’ll even get a sliver of that type of acclaim/sales, but hey, I’m having fun, and I’m grabbing readers. I really can’t ask for much more than that 🙂

  35. Matthew says:

    I am disabled with ms and felt like I had nothing to do with my days except sit and stair outside. This month I started reading the Half-Orc Series using the kindle app on my laptop. So far, I have read the first 4 book, and just love the series. I also just read that some of the other characters are in the other series of your, so I am delighted at the possibilities of reading those books. Thank you for telling these stories.

  36. Dawn says:

    David, I have really enjoyed reading all of your books and only have book 6 of the Half Orcs left. Something has been eating at me as I read the watchers blade series. Seems like in one of the half orc books Hearn kills Thren and Thren says he didn’t know his son was the Watcher. I’m curious how the two of them are going on a big adventure to Ker and this not be known? Your series is really great and thank you for being an author who reaches out to his fans. I enjoy your blogs at the end of your books. Dawn

    • David Dalglish says:

      Something to remember about that scene (spoilers obviously) is that Haern, after the fight, tells Tarlak that Thren was lying, and that he already knew. Which means I actually have more leeway than you think. It’ll be fun. I promise.

      Oh, and hope you enjoy book 6!

  37. Aaron Painter says:

    Sir I have read all of your books so far and I must say I feel every emotion ever felt in reading them. I love the comical quips between everyone the most. Tarlak, Darius, and Jerico are the closest characters to my kind of humor and I cherish them. Your last release’s surprise visitor left me near tears and grinning like a fool all at once. I cannot wait for more of your writings!

  38. Kalan Teeters says:

    Hey David! I unfortunately read the shadow dance trilogy before I read the Half Orc series. I must say, I was so mad that *spoiler* died within the half orc series, so that was my fault LOL. Anyways after a year of being away from reading your spectacular stories I noticed that you have been VERY busy, and have 3 more books that I get to read! Awesome, keep up the good work! You’re an inspiration to all of us nerds and wanna be heroes! 😀

    • David Dalglish says:

      Actually, I think it is best for people to read Shadowdance before Half-Orcs. Helps convince people I know what I’m doing, and to power through the rougher parts of the Half-Orcs 🙂

  39. David says:

    When is the first book about the Gods’ War coming out? I’m really hooked on this world. Possibly my favourite character is Haern. He’s just so cool, yet so interesting. I also love the idea that we know what happened to him when he was eight, and we know what he was like from thirteen onwards, but aside from that we know practically nothing at all about him. I also like Darius from the Paladins series, for pretty much the same reasons. I mean, Jerico is cool, but Darius is so tortured, torn between following his god and maintaining his friendship with his enemy. Both of these characters are so interesting. More like these characters, please?

    • David Dalglish says:

      Well, a few things are up in the air with the Gods’ War books, so I’ll share info the moment I can (it’s good, I promise).

      And you want more characters like Haern and Darius? You mean, good, entertaining characters? I try to write as many of those as I can 🙂

  40. Deepak Sahota says:

    Hi David, having now read probably everything you’ve written I’m desperate for more, I’ve just finished WB1 and my train journeys on the London underground are going to get very boring if the next book isn’t out shortly. You are the only writer that has made me miss my stop several times….keep up the tremendous imaginative work and please hurry with the next installment.

    • David Dalglish says:

      Well…sorry about missing your stops. And I’m trying here, really, I am! Hopefully should have an announcement in the next week or so with fairly solid release dates for the next few books.

  41. John Saunders says:

    Hey David, i just found you a little more than a week ago and holy hell am i impressed. Im in the middle of book three of the half orcs, and honestly, i had just about given up on finding any new epic fantasies. Props man. Just wanted to say thank you for writing these and making yourself and your books so available.

  42. Lance says:

    Love your books, read all of them in the last two weeks one after another, awesome. I am kind of mad you killed off my favorite character, *spoiler*, and not even in his own series, but I guess these things happen. Keep up the good work, and thanks for keeping prices reasonable.

    • David Dalglish says:

      You’re hardly the first to be mad about it. And to be fair, I was young, stupid, and determined to shock. I, um, probably succeeded at being all three. Glad you’re enjoying, though!

      • RB says:

        Have loved the books, came across them by accident and would rate in my top reads of all time – great price too. *spoiler* I agree with above, how could you kill off your best character in any book ever! *spoiler* Good opportunity to bring him back as an Angel I say …. now that would be awesome-sauce, just imagine the possibilities …

  43. Nick says:

    I will start by thanking you for the work you have done to get your books out to us readers. I have read every book you have published so far, and have enjoyed them all. I started with Shadowdance, then Watcher’s blade, Paladins, and ending with Half-Orcs.
    My only problem is I read to fast when i get into a good book (I have even read most of them more than once) so my question is do you have any projected release for Half-Orcs book 7, or any thing else you might be working on?
    Keep up the great work,

  44. David says:

    Just started reading the Half-Orcs series, loving it! One question, have you ever considered writing about whatever’s north of the Vile Wedge? It could be an opportunity to write in more fantastical elements, like dwarves or goblins? Also, you could have more gods than Ashhur, Karak and the Elves’ Goddess.

  45. Justin says:

    love the world you created, read all of them you have out and cant wait for the next releases. Thanks for writing so all of us can enjoy your creations.

  46. Michael.O says:

    I was wondering if all these series connect with eacthother because I might read one but i’m not sure where to start, which book to read first so I can understand the other books?

  47. April says:

    I am an avid reader, everything from Stephen King, Mark Twain, Anne McCaffery and her son Todd, to novelists that I think less than a handful of people have read, and I have to say that your books (all of them out on Amazon, I became a helpless addict when I started reading) have brought me nothing but the gamut of emotions that I believe only a gifted author can produce. Thank you for making me laugh, worry, bringing me to tears both happy and sad, making me hug my kids a little longer when they let me.
    I look forward to anything new you put out, whether it is something like the Mountain of Ash compilation or more with the Brothers, or something completely different. Thank you Mr Dalglish.

  48. hjkJASON24 says:

    Love your books and am so happy you’re finnaly continuing the Half Orc [my fav].

  49. James Cuellar says:

    I love all your books and am on my 3rd read through. I just can’t get enough you might say. And I cannot wait for book 7 of Half-Ors!

  50. Ben E says:

    So, first I love your books. Read the paladins series in 3 days. I need more of them, Jerico is amazing! Daniel is a great character and in a world of gods powers made known, I could easily see and would thoroughly love to see Darius again. By far my favorite character of all your books. Havnt read the half orcs yet but I will soon. I hope to see the book about the citidel and maybe some love for Ashhur order in the future. Which could also tie in velessa and harld in the return of Darius !! Haha just love the dude. Drop me an email when you have time! Love to talk about your work. Thanks man, your creative mind is a blessing.

    • David Dalglish says:

      My email’s in the back of every one of my books, so you’re more than welcome to fire off an email. Just be forewarned, I tend to, uh, take a while to respond. Because I am lazy, and a bad person.

      • Ben E says:

        With how many emails you must get I dont blame you. Just keep thE Books coming!
        And was Stephen a hermaphrodite?

        • David Dalglish says:

          I get asked questions about him so often I clearly dropped the ball on his reveal. All of Stephen’s gender confusion is totally psychological due to his upbringing. And physically, he is still male.

  51. Bailey says:

    Hey david i was just wondering y did u kill all of the e mercs in half orc series and when is the 7th coming out?

    • David Dalglish says:

      I didn’t kill all of them… *spoiler* I mean. Tarlak’s still alive. He’s not exactly happy, but he’s alive. And I consider Harruq and Aurelia as still members 🙂

      Seventh book is a big question mark right now. Everything right now is me focusing on the twin launches by Orbit and 47North.

  52. Shane says:

    Love the books have read them all twice. Patiently waiting for the release of the next Watchers Blade and Half Orcs novels. Keep up the great writing.

  53. Sam says:

    I might be addicted. I stumbled upon the shadow dance trilogy as it was recommended by amazon after my normal reads were becoming increasingly more fantasy than sci-fi and I’ve been reading your work ever since. I continued on to the half orc series and am half way through book 5. I don’t care at all that I’ve read them out of series as they are all excellent stand alone sets of work.

    I fall for every character and find myself setting aside more and more time a day to read, as obviously the hour commute to and from work and time before sleep was not enough. I am encouraged to see that there are so many more books for me to get stuck into once I finish with Harruq (for now) and I have a feeling that, like my well thumbed favourite paperbacks, your books are some I will be returning to once every year or so.

    A huge thank you for sharing them with us, I should share them with my friends but so far I really want them all to myself.

    P.s I have broken my kindle reading so many of your books but have fast tracked another to me; resorting to reading on your phone proves your love (or addiction).

  54. kevin says:

    hi david
    it is now march 28 2013. i wish to know when the book “the watcher’s blade 2” will come out. earlier, you said around december. ty

    • David Dalglish says:

      Sorry Kevin, everything’s been a bit delayed because of the Orbit relaunch. WB2 is now officially Shadowdance #5, and will be released…sometime 2014, I believe?

  55. Endymion107 says:

    When The Prison of Angels was released I had to reread the half orcs series for the 3rd time, partly because I enjoyed it so much the 1st/2nd time I read it but also in an attempt to delay my reading of the 6th book until the 7th was out, to make the period of withdrawal between them less painful.

    I picked up Prison of Angels less than 12 hours ago and unfortunately I was unable to prevent myself from reading it start to finish, on the bright side it was amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy any book as much as The Shadows of Grace and A Silver of Redemption, (favorite parts being everything that had to do with Qurrah, no other book that I have read has managed to do Redemption so perfectly, even books focused on the DnD goddess Eilistraee) but this came pretty close.

    Well the entire reason I came here to post was just to say I was extremely happy when Jessilynn was introduced, and that I very much look forward to reading more about her, and hope that she lives a bit longer than the average character heh. (though I do enjoy the high mortality rate as well for some reason)

    I came here just to post about how much I liked a single character but thought you deserved a bit more than two sentences, unfortunately if I ever finally write an actual review (the only thing you have asked of me in return for for allowing me to experience your world) it will most likely be about 200 pages long, and edited/reedited about a thousand times, so in case I die of old age before I finish that, thank you.

    And sorry for how sloppy this post probably is… normally I would be asleep right now but I just spent a good many hours staying up reading a delicious book and am incapable of the proper gramrars and notramblingsness.

    Also, thank you.

    • David Dalglish says:

      Sliver’s my favorite of the HO series as well, so you’re in good company. As for Jessilynn, I was nervous introducing her, and couldn’t be happy with how well she’s be received.

  56. Brian R says:

    I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!….now that i got that creepy stalker outburst out of the way. I read the first 5 of the half orc series in a week, which meant my job/social/family life suffered but was worth it. Then life got in the way and i was too busy for books (that sucked). Yesterday i suddenly remembered how much i enjoyed your books and thought i should look them up…..and i saw the shadowdance trilogy so i whispered “the what?”.
    then i saw the paladins books, so in a normal tone i said “the what?”
    then i saw the 6th half orc book…yes, i yelled “THE WHAT?”
    I cannot believe i missed all of this. My next paycheck…these will be mine.

    • David Dalglish says:

      Did you notice that HO7 was already out?

      Just kidding. But you know I made your heart skip for a second.

      Seriously though, I’m glad you’re diving back into my world.

  57. Brok says:

    I have always absolutley hated reading until I found your books. I was going through the store and found Weight of Blood. After that i couldn’t stop reading your books!

  58. Aaron Freeze says:

    Is it possible to buy any of your series as a set? I live in Canada and the only ones I can see are E-readers on

    If I could even buy them from you directly that would be great.

    Please let me know, Thanks.


  59. Amy says:

    I guess I’m stuck on Hearn and can’t get enough, I’ve been hooked since book one and am dying to read more. Perhaps I am too impatient once I run out of books to read, but this series has to be one of my faves. It’s right up there next to the Night Angel series by Brent Weeks if you ask me.

  60. lois says:

    I can’t wait for the book after prison of angels love everything you write i can’t get enough

  61. Draveb Valverde says:

    I am completely and utterly hooked! I had just started reading fantasy about 2 months before seeing your first book of the “Half Orcs” series for free on the Kindle. As soon as I finished the first book I bought all of the rest of the books in the series, as well as the Shadow Dance Trilogy, and the Paladins books. (Also book one of the Watchers Blade). Can’t wait for more of your installments! Amazing work, it’s definitely the best I’ve seen in all of my reading experience 😉

  62. Aymeric says:

    Dear David,

    First of all: thanks for your amazing books (all series included), and sorry for the poor english that may follow (being French doesn’t help). I’ve started reading in english 3 – 4 years ago to improve my level a bit, and couldn’t think I’d have much more fun as I did with Terry Pratchett. And out of nowhere (nah actually out of kindle), I saw your books in my recommendations list (never thought I’d actually see the use of the thing before that), and proved myself wrong. I’d like to add, as some other did already, thanks for being so open with your readers and for replying. Seriously.
    I’d also like to share with you and the other readers how confused I was when I did not find enough information while searching “Davild Dalglish” in wikipedia. It may seem foolish, but I couldn’t think that THE Davild Dalglish (because for a lot of us, you are THE David Dalglish) was not registered.
    I hope a little recognition from our side does bring you a little joy in your writing schedule once in a while. For the record, I’ve tried to impersonate each one of your characters in various video games (not done yet, and hope I’ll have a lot more to do), and was wondering “why in the abyss is there no video game taking place in Dezrel?”. I mean, really, what’s missing there? The dark fantasy atmosphere? The fun and deepness of the stories? Magic? Paladins? Elven scoutmasters? Assassins? I don’t know. Hope the message is passed and one day, I can truly impose Karak’s order upon Dezrel, or bless its people with Asshur’s light (if I feel like it).

  63. wendy says:

    Just finished the first book of the Watchers trilogy. Cant wait for the next. Love your work keep it coming. I have read The Paladin, Shadowdance and the Half Orc series. Eagerly awaiting emails of your new releases.


  64. Cameron says:

    Hi David. I will just start off by saying that you are my FAVOURITE AUTHOR. I have absolutely loved all of your books. I have read and enjoyed every single one of them. You capture my imagination (not an easy feat) with your own little world that you have created. With all the different series each telling a different part of the land’s history and/or future.
    Moral of the sentences above is that you should keep the books coming, get your own Wikipedia page, become world famous and be happy.
    From an overexcited fan.

  65. Heather says:

    Just a quick fire message here 🙂 I am a HUGE fan of your works and devoured both the Half Orc series and the ShadowDance trilogy in less than a week. Next on my list is the Paladins! Please, please continue writing, you are truly gifted and fast on the way to becoming my favourite author!
    From an avid reader

  66. Jsin says:

    Great stuff. I started reading and couldn’t stop. Can’t wait for more……..really I can’t wait. Hurry…..No,No. Take your time. We thank you.

  67. martin reece says:

    Hi David, I’m completely up to date with all of your books and love them all. You have a way of writing that I can’t stop reading. I’m looking forward to the next installment of the watchers blade with eager anticipation. However not so much as the next half orcs book. When can I expect to be glued to another of your awesome pieces of work?

    • David Dalglish says:

      Oct/Nov/Dec is when the Shadowdance relaunch hits. In terms of brand new, that’d be January, with the first book of The Breaking World being published by 47North.

  68. Travis says:

    I started reading your work about a year ago, maybe less, I began w/the shadow dance trilogy. I was impressed, at first I admit I wasn’t sure how far I would go into your world. Then after a lengthy pause I began the half-orcs books which I devoured in about 2 weeks, I am seriously distracted by your work. I thought Haern would be my favorite but now I cannot tell who is my favorite is. Your characters are amazing, and your world brilliant. I hope that one day when I unleash my world that it grips my audience as deeply as Dezerea has gripped my mind and even my dreams lately. Not joking, last night I was nearing the end of Clash of Faiths as I fell asleep tablet in hand, in my dreams I jumped to an alternative world where at times I was both Jerico and Darius. The dream was intense and I feel I became closer to both characters, I awoke ready to see how my dreams and your story would coincide, shockingly they were very close. I have been re-immersed in your books for the last few weeks reading the half orcs up to book six and guardian of the mountain, as well as the last couple days the first 2 books of the paladins series. I look forward to reading the last 2 books in the next couple of days. Keep up the great work, I cannot believe how fast you bring these books out, do you ever sleep? I sometimes wonder. Thank you, for the great story and for the inspiration you have brought me.

    • David Dalglish says:

      I’m jealous. I’d love to run around as Darius in a dream. I only get stupid zombies and thieves invading my house in my dreams 🙁

      Oh, and yes, I do sleep, as the above statement clearly shows. I’m not near a workaholic as it seems, I promise! Glad you’ve enjoyed my books so!

  69. Travis says:

    I just finished reading The Broken Pieces, excellent finish to the series. I can’t wait till you bust out Fall of the Citadel. Also, I was wondering? Is there a story of Lathaar & Tarlak, pre-fall of the citadel? Maybe even, Lathaar’s & Mira’s story. I feel like maybe I’m missing a whole trilogy or something. From what I’ve seen, the only books I haven’t read yet are the watchers blade series, which I’ll be starting most likely soon. It will fun to revisit Haern.

  70. Andy says:

    Loved this amazing series. Downside I read too quickly and now am chomping at the bit for more Half-Orc stories. How long until the next one. Sorry to be greedy but PLEASE!

    • David Dalglish says:

      Probably going to take a bit for the Half-Orcs, since I need to finish up the remaining two Shadowdance books. Hopefully it won’t be too terribly long 🙁

  71. Caitlin says:

    I cannot express by words how much I love your books! I just finished Blood of the Underworld. I cannot wait until Blood of the Father. Your books are absolutly amazing. You are by far one of my favorite authors. I just want to thank you for the awesome books you write that make my imagation wander off. Not only I love your books but also my Brothers and Father. I am happilg waiting for all of Shadowdance!

  72. Caitlin says:

    You are veryyy welcome! :]

  73. Jason says:

    Did you not release “Blood of the underworld” to the kindle?

    • David Dalglish says:

      Blood of the Underworld was pulled as part of my deal with Orbit. It’s now A Dance of Shadows (Shadowdance #4), and will be published in March of 2014, I believe.

  74. martin says:

    Hi David once again thankyou for all your awesome works I’ve just read them all up to date for the third time and I still get the same rush of emotion as I did the first time. I know your busy with the shadowdance series and congratulations on publishing them. However I can’t wait for the next part of the half orcs and was wandering if you have an e.t.a for it.

  75. jorge says:

    im a Little confused, i just bought your last book and In he page of your other books says that a dance of ghost and dance of chaos are all ready out for sale but i could finded In the Kindle store is that correct or im mistaken

    • David Dalglish says:

      I’m sorry, they aren’t out yet. I listed them since the titles have been decided and they’ll be coming out over the next year. Sorry if I confused you 🙁

  76. Jacob Smith says:

    Hey David. Absolutely love your books, I’m currently re-reading the shadow dance series for probably the 5th time! You’re writing style is amazing and the details you write are always great, I catch something new every time I read any of your books. Not only that but I love the fact that you take the time to communicate with your fans. I personally have received three or four personal email replies from you (I’m that guy in the Navy to maybe jog your memory). Please just never stop writing, and I promise to never stop reading your works!

  77. Bryant-FireWolf says:

    I was only able to read just one of your book (Night of Wolves) i could not put it down i read it in one night i put a request in at the library to get the rest of your books cant wait until they get them in. Keep up the great work

  78. Doreen Hobson says:

    I found A Dance of Shadows at Amazon for Kindle but not at Kobo is it exclusive for Kindle ?

  79. Doreen Hobson says:

    Sorry I GOOFED I didn’t see the word pre-order. Sorry to have bothered you


  80. Jon Armstrong says:

    Having just finished book 2 in the “gods” series – which I really enjoyed 3 things if I may
    1) when is the next one due
    2) do the grey horns make an appearance in the half Orc novels – I seem to remember them
    3) My wife is now filing for a divorce for I just announced to her that having just finished the god book I now need to re- read all the others to see where all the pieces come together!
    many thanks keep up the good work

  81. Paul says:

    Recently finished A Dance of Mirrors, had no clue you had a plethora of other books. Voraciously gobbled them all and currently on Book 3 of the Orcs series. Awesome read and looking forward to the other unfinished works. Hoo-rah!

  82. Paul brooks says:

    Just finished book four a dance of shadows. I thought the whole series has been great. My all time favorite series has been the night angel trilogy by Brent weeks. I read it a few years ago and I’ve been looking for something to match it. I think you have done that with books 2-4 in shadowdance. I thought books five and six were out since they were listed in front on book four. I was disappointed today at Barnes and noble when they told me they weren’t out yet. Well I got the first omnibus ordered for half Orc series instead. Looking forward to reading it. Going back to some warhammer Horus heresy while I wait. I also really enjoy your authors notes at the end of each novel. All authors should do this. I probably wouldn’t have know for awhile that the characters from shadowdance are in those books as well. Keep up the great work.

    • David Dalglish says:

      Books 2-4? Uh oh. Do we not talk about book one? 😉

      Hope you enjoy the Half-Orcs. And yeah, for good or ill, I try to write honest little bits at the back, just rambling about the book, what I wanted to do, what I think I screwed up, etc. Sometimes it gives ammo to those who didn’t quite like the book, but eh. Can’t win all the time.

      • Paul brooks says:

        Book one was good. I just thought books 2-4 were amazing. I had put book one down a few times to read other stuff. I went through books 2-4 fast. I usually don’t read much when I’m at home (don’t have time with my wife and daughters keeping me busy) so I do most my reading at work on breaks. I made time to take books 2-4 home to read though.
        Almost done with book one of half orcs. I’m really enjoying the book. Kinda suprised by some of the evil things the brothers do. Looking forward to seeing them break off from each other. Also looking forward to the intro of watcher and his crew in second book.
        Just wanted to say thx for responding. This is first time I’ve ever talked with an author. In my mid twenties I was reading everything David Gemmell wrote. I always wanted to write him and tell him how much I enjoyed his books. Never did it before he passed away. So your response is much appreciated. Keep up the great work.

  83. Micah says:

    Honestly I have never been a big reader but man.. your books are awesome. I can’t put them down. I plan on buying all of them! Btw I can’t wait for the rest of the shadowdance series to come out!

    • David Dalglish says:

      Glad you’re enjoying, and yeah, I’m looking forward to getting those last two out as well. Book five in particular has a few awesome parts I can’t wait for people to finally get to.

  84. Marco Flores says:

    David, I finished Prison of Angels today. I am crazy about your work, could not put any of the half orcs books down.

    I plan to read the paladin series now. I can’t wait for the next half orcs book. I hope you write many more books of them, I really love the characters and the awesome way you tell the stories.

    Thanks so much for all the fun.

    • David Dalglish says:

      Hope you enjoy the Paladins just as much! And yes, there’ll be more Half-Orc books eventually, when I squeeze out the time (currently expecting to start HO7 after I finish this currently project I’m about 70% done with).

  85. Jeremiah says:

    On the back of Shadowdance #4, it said that A Dance of Choas was book five but on the series list in the front content of the book it said Ghosts was.

    • David Dalglish says:

      Yeah, that was an error that made it all the way to print. It’s been corrected, but obviously not much we can do about the books that already went out with it like that. Sorry 🙁

      To be sure: yes, Ghosts is book 5, Chaos book 6.

  86. Jeremiah Pickett says:

    Will Thren and Haern have a big fight in the last ShadowDance book? Have you decided if they are going to have a big fight yet? They fought in Shadows.

  87. Jeremiah says:

    When I read the first Shadowdance book, it made me change my thoughts on reading. thank you so much.

  88. Jeremiah says:

    Does the half orc series come after the shadowdance?

  89. Jeremiah says:

    Is there a storyline in all the book series’ that you wrote already because after I finish reading the Shadowdance, I would be wondering if I need to read the series’ before it.

  90. Jeremiah says:

    How do you do the artwork on the covers on your books? They are awesome. I looked on google images at Prison of Angels and was like,”Whoa.”

  91. Jeremiah says:

    Tell Mr. Ortiz I said thank you for all the nice artwork provided on the covers of your books.

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